Integrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric (INTHCDF)


This course familiarizes you with NetApp hybrid cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions and shows you how to weave the solutions into the Data Fabric powered by NetApp. In numerous hands-on exercises, you use NetApp and third-party tools to practice how to manage, move and protect data throughout the cloud.


  • NetApp Employees, Partners and Customers


  • Explain the value of the Data Fabric and NetApp Private Storage for Cloud (NPS for Cloud)
  • Describe NetApp Private Storage (NPS) networking requirements
  • Deploy a hybrid cloud for customers
  • Configure an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud environment and an Azure Virtual Network environment for the hybrid cloud
  • Use PowerShell in a Data Fabric environment and extend customers’ Microsoft Active Directory into the cloud
  • Explain the features of NetApp ONTAP Cloud software and NetApp ONTAP Select software
  • Use OnCommand Cloud Manager to deploy ONTAP Cloud instances and to create SnapMirror relationships between ONTAP Cloud software and data center clusters
  • Deploy a NetApp AltaVault appliance with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets in AWS as backend storage
  • Use an AltaVault appliance to migrate data between AWS and Azure
  • Use the Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup to restore data
  • Use the Cloud Sync service to synchronize NFS data between on-premises storage and cloud-based storage


  OUTLINE: Integrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric (INTHCDF)

Module 1: Data Fabric Overview

  • Data Fabric solution vision and value
  • Compute and storage in the hybrid cloud
  • Data fabric deployment
  • NetApp Private Storage (NPS)
  • Data Fabric use cases

Module 2: Networking for the Hybrid Cloud

  • NPS networking architecture
  • Best practices to implement networking
  • Switch configurations for Layer 3 environment

Module3: AWS Virtual Private Cloud and Connectivity

  • AWS regions and availability zones
  • VPC
  • Security groups
  • AWS storage
  • VPN connectivity options

Module 4: Azure Virtual Network and Connectivity

  • Azure geographies and regions
  • VNet
  • Azure storage types
  • AWS features vs Azure features

Module 5: Design and Implement Data Fabric Solutions

  • Oncommand Cloud Manager
  • ONTAP Cloud Software
  • Use cases and references
  • AltaVault cloud backup and archive
  • AltaVault integration with Amazon Snowball
  • Data Fabric solution for cloud backup
  • AltaVault security
  • Cloud agility
  • ONTAP Select software
  • Advantages
  • vNAS for VMware vSAN
  • ONTAP Select deployment
  • NetApp Hybrid Cloud Labs
  • Managing the Data Fabric
  • OnCommand Management portfolio
  • Addendum: Operationalize NPS
    • How to operationalize NPS for cloud
    • Data layout
    • Latency

Module 6: NetApp Cloud Sync Service

  • Overview
  • Benefits

Module 7: Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup

  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Features
  • StorageGRID Webscale software
  • Deployment options
  • SnapCenter Software


  • Minilabs for AWS and Azure
  • Prepare jump host for PowerShell and CLI
  • Configure AWS VPC resources
  • Operationalize on-premises to cloud connectivity
  • Configure Azure VNet to on-premises VPN connectivity
  • Use Cloud Manager to deploy ONTAP Cloud
  • Manage the Data Fabric workflow
  • Configure AltaVault
  • Test AltaVault cloud agility
  • Reinforce skills with Cloud Sync service