WIDESIGN – Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks


Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WIDESIGN) provides you with a new perspective on designing wireless networks. You will learn how to design a Cisco wireless network from initial customer contact to post deployment activities. You will learn the necessary tools to conduct walk-throughs, identify difficult areas and optimize the survey process to provide a better AP-to-coverage ratio.


  • Senior Wireless Network Engineer
  • WLAN Engineer
  • Wireless Consulting Engineer
  • Wireless Network Planning Engineer
  • Wireless Implementation Engineer


This course is part of the following Certifications:


Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the customer Wi-Fi design process
  • Design for data coverage
  • Design for voice and real-time applications
  • Design for location and Cisco CMX
  • Design for Wi-Fi beyond the enterprise campus
  • Describe how to conduct a site survey


  OUTLINE: Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WIDESIGN)

Module 1: Determine Customer Wi-Fi Design Process

  • New and upgrade designs
  • Determine the type of wireless design
  • Voice coverage and real-time applications
  • Existing documentation and important information
  • Meeting with the customer

Module 2: Design for Data Coverage

  • Common business and technical drivers
  • Cisco associated standards, capabilities and features
  • Cisco AirOS and Cisco IOS Software considerations
  • Plan and design for RF
  • Deployment models
  • Campus considerations

Module 3: Design for Voice and Real-Time Applications

  • Verticals and real-time applications
  • Cisco capabilities
  • RF planning and design
  • Cisco AVC and QoS

Module 4: Design for Location and Cisco CMX

  • Cisco BYOD and CMX technical drivers
  • Cisco CMX ecosystem analytics and development

Module 5: Design for Wi-Fi Beyond the Enterprise Campus

  • Outdoor networks, Mesh, and high density
  • AP Placement

Module 6: Conduct a Site Survey

  • Access and safety concerns
  • Initial evaluation
  • Predictive planning
  • In-depth site survey
  • Post-deployment survey


  • Discovery 1: Estimating the Number of APs Using Cisco Prime Infrastructure as a Planning Tool
  • Discovery 2: Conducting a Predictive Site Survey with Ekahau Site Survey Pro
  • Discovery 3: Simulating a Layer 1 Sweep with Cisco Spectrum Expert
  • Discovery 4: Simulating a Layer 1 Sweep with Metageek Chanalyzer
  • Case Study 1: Project Kickoff
  • Case Study 2: Base Wi-Fi Design Recommendations
  • Case Study 3: Voice and Real-Time Application Wi-Fi Design Recommendations
  • Case Study 4: Location and Cisco CMX Wi-Fi Design Recommendations
  • Case Study 6: Outdoor and High-Density Wi-Fi Design Recommendations
  • Case Study 6: After Implementation