Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE)

The Cisco CCDE certification is the highest level of the Cisco Design curriculum and affirms advanced knowledge in network architecture. Candidates for the CCDE certification include network leads of IT infrastructure and architecture teams and design engineers. Remtrix’s CCDE training will teach you how to produce design solutions at the infrastructure level for large customer networks which address planning, design, assimilation, expansion, processes, security and ongoing support. Advance your knowledge of network infrastructure design principle and fundamentals by completing CCDE training today!


There are no formal prerequisites or specific training required for the CCDE certification.


Step One: CCDE Written Exam
The 2-hour, written qualification exam covers network design in the areas of routing, tunneling, Quality of Service (QoS), management, cost, capacity, and security. You must pass the written exam before you are eligible to schedule the CCDE practical exam.
Step Two: CCDE Practical Exam
The 8-hour practical exam tests your ability to perform design analysis, justify design requirements, and develop a design implementation based on best practices. Only candidates that have a passing score on the CCDE Written Exam may register for the CCDE Practical Exam.